Ceyear 4957D/E/F Microwave Analyzer

The 4957D/E/F microwave analyzer has a frequency range of up to 18 GHz/26.5 GHz/40 GHz, and is provided with various functions, including dual port vector network analysis, cable and antenna analysis, vector voltage measurement, spectrum analysis (channel power, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, interference analysis and frequency counting), field strength measurement and power measurement, providing users with powerful comprehensive analysis capabilities.

Dual-port vector network analysis has the capability of fast and accurate measurement of RF network parameters, provides logarithm, linearity, phase, group delay, impedance circle diagram, polar coordinates, standing wave ratio and other displaying formats and also provides time domain measurements option.

The cable and antenna analysis can measure the standing wave ratio, return loss, impedance, cable loss and other parameters of the microwave network such as antenna, transmission line and cable. In addition, the Distance-To-Fault (DTF) function enables to conveniently measure the impedance discontinuous point of the cable antenna feeder and cable.

The vector voltage measurement function replaces the traditional vector voltmeter with an integrated solution that accurately analyzes the electrical length of cables and other devices under analysis.

The spectrum analyzer is a standard function spectrum analyzer that comprehensively measures the spectral features of the electromagnetic environment.

The field strength measurement function features user-friendly interface and high analysis sensitivity, can effectively monitor the electromagnetic spectrum with the corresponding analysis antenna and is widely used in space electromagnetic environment monitoring and radio management.

The USB power sensor is configured to achieve large dynamic range and high-precision power measurement, or implement power monitoring through the spectrum input port.

4957BDEF  Handheld Multifunctional Analyzer Datasheet

4957DEF Microwave Analyzer User Manual