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Coral-i Test Equipment Solutions
Coral-i Solutions is a leading provider of test and measurement solutions for network service providers and equipment manufacturers in the telecommunications industry. We offer a wide range of innovative solutions extending across the full technology.

Key Business Focus Areas:
• Largest Test Equipment Rental Company in Africa
• Sales of New leading edge Technology Test Equipment
• Refurbished Test Equipment Suppliers
• Support & Calibration Services
• Asset Management
• Training
 Coral-I Solutions is the largest test equipment rental company in Africa, priding ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest technologies. All of our equipment is pre and post tested to ensure reliability. We package our products to the customer’s requirements, ensuring the most proficient solutions for project managers and installation teams to complete testing and commissioning.

We provide a wide range of new quality test equipment to the telecommunications industry, often providing cost effective solutions to help manage budget constraints.These products span from spectrum analysers to fibre optic test equipment.

The global cash crunch has affected most businesses, for this reason we offer High Quality Refurbished Test Equipment from all Leading Manufacturers. Refurbished means exactly that, sometimes there is some confusion between second-hand and refurbished. We buy equipment from companies worldwide, and refurbish to “As New” condition. This means the product is both cosmetically and technically overhauled and tested. All of our refurbished products carry a full product warranty.

All product sold by Coral-i Solutions are fully supported in-house, by our highly qualified technical team. We have several calibration Laboratories to ensure our products meet and exceed manufacturers specifications.

Coral-i Solutions is verified as a Level One (1) B-BBEE Contributor, with more than 50% Black Ownership and 135% recognition level. This allows you to claim R1.35 for every Rand spent with Coral-i Solutions.

Our philosophy is simple, we will evolve with the industries requirements and continue to support flexible solutions to best support our valued customers.           

Test Equipment Rentals
Coral-I Solutions is a unique Rental Test Equipment company in that we provide and rent test equipment services for every possible customer requirement. Our services range from training, support & calibration, equipment sales and rental solutions. We strive to offer the highest quality pre and post sales and rental service.

We will help to ensure our customers get the best un-biased advice on what product suits their rental needs best. We will also advise on correct measurement techniques. We are not held to any one manufacturer and have a vast knowledge of products through the manufacturer spectrum. We are the largest test equipment rental company in Africa and stock a range of products that span all industries.

Our rental program is a cost effective source of a wide range of test equipment with no capital outlay or support concerns.

We pride ourselves on quality and customer satisfaction. Each and every piece of electronic test and measurement equipment is fully tested by a professionally trained lab technician before it leaves us. Our sales and administration staff will assist you in finding the best test equipment rental solution for your requirement.

In short, Coral-i Solutions Rental offers:
· Flexible short, medium and long term rental periods
· Low rates with quality support
· A wide range of products for all industries
· No support worries
· Product training/overview
· Calibration
· No capital outlay          


The Coral-I Service centre specialises in the repair and calibration of test and measurement
equipment. The calibration laboratory is a LAB/ANAB accredited laboratory (Certificate number L2448)
and conforms to all the requirements of the  ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard and additional
requirements as set forth by the accreditation body. The laboratory is accredited to perform
calibrations according to its scope of accreditation which is available on the LAB/ANAB website.
Calibrations performed by the laboratory are internationally recognised through
ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation ), MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement).

Calibrations can be performed in the fields of Radio frequency, Electrical, time and frequency,
optical and mass metrology. Coral-i is the accredited commercial 3rd party laboratory in
South Africa.

Types of equipment that can be calibrated by the lab includes, but is not limited to: Multimeters,
oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, RF power meters, RF power sensors, signal generators,
modulation analyzers, attenuators, line sweep tools, PIM analyzers, 2Mb testers,
frequency counters, torque wrenches, optical light sources, optical power meters,
optical time domain reflectometers, etc.