Ceyear 3871 Series Solid-State Power Amplifiers

The 3871 series broadband solid-state amplifier series operates between 9 kHz and 110 GHz, provided in an IEC 60297-3-100.2008 standard 4U 19-inch rack mount chassis. It is designed with broad bandwidth, high gain and power, wide dynamic range, low spurious signals and extremely load tolerant, which enable the amplifier to be used as a suited test instrument covering multiple frequency bands. It is suitable for ap­plications such as electronic counter measurement, antenna testing, laboratory instrumentation, and electromagnetic compatibility/electromagnetic interference test, as well as narrower band applications like radar, microwave imaging, and satellite communications, etc.

The 3871 series amplifier owns the patented spatial power combining. The amplifier is powered by 100-220 VAC and is suitable for both rack-mounted applications, such as test and measurement, and benchtop use. The RF inputs and outputs are matched to 50 Ω. Driver amplification and bias and gain control are integrated in it.

Ceyear 3871 Series Solid-state Power Amplifier

387XX Series Solid State Power Amplifier User Manual

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