Ceyear 3986 Series Noise Figure Analyzer

3986 Series Noise Figure Analyzers include 3986A (10 MHz~4 GHz), 3986D (10 MHz~18 GHz), 3986E (10 MHz~26.5 GHz), 3986F (10 MHz~40 GHz) and 3986H (10 MHz~50 GHz). Features of the product include wide-range frequency coverage, high-sensitivity reception, friendly user interface, big screen dual channel HD display, various external interfaces, and dual noise source drive etc.

It can measure the noise figure and gain of amplifiers, up converters and down converters, as well as to support automatic measurement of noise figure of multi-stage converters. Guide interfaces are intuitive for setting measurement modes. The comprehensive loss compensation function can compensate loss induced in measurement channel before and/or after the device under test by means of fixed or table forms.

The built-in noise figure measurement uncertainty calculator does quantitative analysis of the uncertainty of measurement noise figure. Limit line function that provides test passed/failed notification simplifies the determination of passed/failed test.

User friendly features make it easy for engineering technicians to set measurements correctly, to observe and save measurement results in different forms. They can be widely used in R&D, manufacturing, testing and technical assurance tests of electronic equipment for communication etc.


3986 Series Noise Figure Analyzer Datasheet

3986 Series Noise Figure Analyzer User Manual