Deviser NA7300 | 3GHz Vector Network Analyzer

  • Frequency Range  300KHz~3GHz
  • Frequency Resolution   1Hz
  • Frequency stability    ≤±5ppm
  • 75 or 50 ohm
  • Transmission, Insertion Loss, Gain, Insertion Phase, Isolation
  • Group Delay, Return Loss, VSWR, Impedance, Center Frequency of Crystal, surface acoustic, 3d B Bandwidth, In-band flatness
  • Outband Restrain, Rectangle Coefficient, Q-Value
  • Two channels, Four traces display
  • Fast sweep time
  • Save/ print/ recall function
  • USB, parallel, RS-232 and VGA,LAN interface
  • Automatic PASS/FAIL judgement
  • 1G Byte memory

 Product Datasheet