Ceyear 3943B Monitoring Receiver

The overall size of the handheld monitoring receiver is 182.5mm×289mm×69mm, the weight of the whole machine is less than 3.5kg, the working time is 3-4h with battery, the display is 10.1-inch TFT, and the integrated touch screen. With multiple functions such as radio signal search, interception, measurement, analysis, demodulation, direction finding, positioning, etc., it can be used to perform emission monitoring, coverage measurement, illegal emission source/interference source rapid detection and positioning, and major activities that comply with ITU specifications Radio security and other tasks. The whole machine adopts a full touch screen design, and the software supports multi-touch interactive mode. The touch operation experience of the smart phone is completely transplanted to the monitoring receiver device. The users can conveniently complete the display trajectory zoom in, zoom out, window movement, parameter setting and other operations through touch gestures, providing a user-friendly UI interface to the greatest extent, so that the user can operate the monitoring receiver just like using a mobile phone or a pad computer.

Ceyear 3943B Monitoring Receiver Datasheet

3943B Monitoring Receiver User Manual