Ceyear 4024CA Handheld Spectrum Analyzer

The 4024CA spectrum analyzer is a broadband handheld real-time spectrum analyzer designed for field testing. The maximum real-time analysis bandwidth reaches 120MHz. It has real-time spectrum analysis, 5G NR demodulation analysis, LTE FDD/TDD demodulation analysis, GSM/ EDGE demodulation analysis, directional analysis and other measurement function modes, as well as field strength measurement, channel power, occupied bandwidth, adjacent channel power, audio demodulation, harmonic distortion, spectral emission mask/spurious emission mask, indoor/outdoor map measurement It adopts 8.4-inch large-screen LCD and capacitive touch screen integrated design to facilitate user operation. The structure adopts a handheld chassis, which is small in size, light in weight, flexible in power supply, easy to maneuver, and is extremely suitable for on-site use.

The 4024CA spectrum analyzer can be used for on-site debugging and installation and maintenance of mobile communications, wireless communications, radar, satellite communications and other equipment, wireless communication signal demodulation analysis, interference source direction finding and map positioning, broadband modulation or transient signal test analysis In other fields, it can provide a relatively complete solution for the user’s external field spectrum test.

Ceyear 4024CA Signal and Spectrum analyzer Datasheet

4024CA Spectrum Analyzer User Manual