Ceyear 1435A/B-V Vector Signal Generator

Based on innovative technologies, the 1435-V series signal generator achieves balance in terms of performance, economy and volumetric weight. It supports arbitrary modulation of wave data downloaded in 5 formats, and enables users to edit, download, and configure the waveforms as required to complete various signal simulations and meet the testing requirements of various complex signals. Its baseband signal generator is easy to set up and has excellent performance. It supports real-time occurrence of general digital modulation signals in more than 20 formats such as PSK, QAM, FSK and MSK. It also has excellent spectral purity, with a single side band (SSB) phase noise of -136dBc/Hz (when the carrier is 1GHz and the frequency offset is 10kHz) or -120dBc/Hz (when the carrier is 6GHz and the frequency offset is 10kHz). It provides a high power output and a large dynamic range, with the maximum output power up to 22dBm@3GHz and an output power dynamic range greater than 150dB.

Besides, it is equipped with a 7-inch high-sensitivity LED touch screen, and supports operation by touch screen, panel buttons, rotary knobs, external mouse and keyboard, etc., which fully upgrades the users’ operation experience. It adopts portable 3U chassis structure and is featured by small size and light weight, and thus is easy to carry. It can achieve exceptional performance even in a compact space, which meets both the test requirements for high performance in the equipment development phase and the test requirements for high efficiency in the production phase.

1435-V Series Signal Generator Datasheet

1435 Series Signal Generator User Manual