Ceyear 6433D/F/H/L Lightwave Component Analyzer (10MHz – 20GHz/43.5GHz/50GHz/67GHz)

Ceyear 6433 series Lightwave Component Analyzers includes 6433D (10MHz ~ 20GHz), 6433F (10MHz ~ 43.5GHz), 6433H (10MHz ~ 50GHz), 6433L (10MHz ~ 67GHz). The 6433 series is the latest solution to characteristic test of high-speed electro – optical (E/O) devices, optical – electro (O/E) devices, and optical – optical (O/O) devices. The modulation frequency range covers 10MHz~67GHz. It supports different frequency range, frequency interval, IF bandwidth setting. The minimum frequency resolution is up to 1Hz.
Ceyear 6433 series LCA adopts an integrated design scheme that realizes a one-click fast broadband frequency sweep test based on broadband hardware optimization design, building network error model, and utilization of core calibration algorithm. It is mainly used for the test of bandwidth, amplitude-frequency response, phase-frequency response, group delay and other parameters of core electro – optical devices. (electro-optical modulator, direct modulated laser, light-transmitting components), electro-optical devices (PIN optoelectronic detector, APD optoelectronic detector, light-receiving components), optical – optical devices (passive devices such as fiber filter) in the modern high-speed light transmission system.

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