Ceyear 4051A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/L Signal/Spectrum Analyzer

4051 series signal/spectrum analyzer have excellent performance in dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and measurement speed. 4051 series have various measurement functions including high-sensitivity spectrum Analyzer, standard power measurement components, IQ Analyzer, Vector Signal Analyzer, Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, Transient Analyzer, Pulse Signal Analyzer, Audio Analyzer, Analog Demodulation measurement, and Phase Noise measurement, Noise Figure, etc., which can provide you reliable high-performance measurement service. 4051 series have good extension capacity. Its performance can be further improved by flexible configuration of different options. Through various digital and analog signal output interfaces, the spectrum analyzer can be taken to establish measurement systems or get secondary development. It can be widely used for signal and equipment measurement in field of aviation, aerospace, radar detection, communication, electronic countermeasures, and navigation etc..

4051 Series Signal and Spectrum Analyzer Datasheet

4051 Series Signal Spectrum Analyzer User Manual