Ceyear 6420/6422 Multifunctional OTDR

The 6420 and 6422 OTDR are 7-inch display products designed for testing PON FTTX, MAN, and long-distance optical fiber networks. Various modules including SM, MM, online testing is available, such as SM 1310nm,1490nm, 1550nm, 1625nm, 1650nm, MM 850nm, 1300nm and customized special wavelengths. The max. dynamic range is 46dB,the min. event dead zone is 0.8m and the highest sampling resolution is 2.5cm.
Multi-function options are supported such as optical power meter(OPM), visual red light fault location(VFL), stable laser source(LS), fiber inspection probe(FIP). WIFI module option is available, and the OTDR can be remotely controlled by mobile devices with self-developed APP. The OTDR has passed a number of domestic and international certification tests such as CE, TLC and laser safety. The OTDR is an ideal instrument for occasions like optical fiber communication operation and maintenance, optical fiber and cable production line testing, scientific research and teaching with its reliable performance.

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