Ceyear1465A/B/C/D/F/H/L-V Vector Signal Generator

1465-V series signal generators has excellent vector modulation performance within the frequency range of 100kHz-67GHz. It has 200MHz internal modulation bandwidth and 2GHz external modulation real-time bandwidth, which can meet various modulation needs of wideband signals. The generator has excellent spectrum purity and output power specifications. The phase noise of 10GHz carrier @10kHz frequency offset can be reached to -126dBc/Hz, to meet high-level test needs which have strict requirements of testing signals. The generator also has excellent vector modulation accuracy and at the full frequency range the EVM is less than 1.4%(4Msps), which makes the generator be used in metrology purpose. The baseband signal generator can be set easily with flexible performance and many modulation formats. More than 20 kinds of common modulation formats are supported, such as PSK, QAM, FSK, ASK and so on.

Ceyear 1465-V Vector Signal Generator Datasheet

1465 Series Signal Generator User Manual