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Valid For
May 2022

While Stock Last

Vat excluded

Chauvin Arnoux C.A 8345 --- 3-phase power quality analyser

   C.A 8345
   Class A Power Quality Analyser
   The Qualistar moves up a grade

      Voltage quality diagnostics

      Full compliance with IEC 61000-4-30 Class A

      Highly communicating instrument

      Qualistar range of easy-to-use products

      Requires 4 X Miniflex sensors sold separately
        (Price on sizes available on enquiry)

        Hundreds of parameters stored in memory every 10/12 periods

        The parameters are monitored within configurable limits

        Transients Fast events are captured and their characteristics are stored in memory

        TrueInrush Studying loads during startup is now much simpler

         Price: R87,495.00 exVat

      Chauvin Arnoux C.A 8336 --- 3-phase power quality analyser

         C.A 8336
         Power & Energy Quality Analysers
           The experience of the Qualistar,   ensuring high performance

          5 voltage inputs & 4 current inputs

          10-minute Inrush mode

          Calculation of distorting power

          IP67: all-terrain model available

          Requires 4 X Miniflex sensors sold separately
            (Price on sizes available on enquiry)

          Other models available: C.A 8331, C.A 8333, C.A 8436

            Measurement all the necessary voltage, current and power parameters for full diagnosis of an electrical installation

            All the power measurements needed to make an energy efficiency diagnosis

            Capture and record all the parameters, transients, alarm and wave forms simultaneously

            Proven simplicity of use

             Price: R73,995.00 exVat

          Chauvin Arnoux PEL103 --- Power and Energy Logger with all its accessories
          PROMO Kit

          PEL 103 PACK, the perfect combination for detecting energy losses and optimizing your consumption!

             Power and Energy Logger PEL 103

             Check the quality of your electrical installation
             & reduce your energy spending!

            Three-phase logger (voltage/ current/ power)

            Real time and remote display of your measurements via Ethernet

            Recording of the data on SD card, up to several months' recording

            Compatible with all types of electrical networks

            Compact and magnetized for mounting on metal cabinets


             With all its accessories..

            + 3 MiniFlex sensors

            + 1 Mains adapter for power supply via the phase

            + 4 Magnetized test probes, + 4 leads, + 4 croc clips

            + 1 DataView software, ideal for processing the data and generating reports

            + 1 Lenovo Android tablet 8" - 16Gb

             Price: R42,350.00 exVat

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