ALL-TEST PRO 5™ ::: Motor Tester
ALL-TEST PRO 5™ ::: Motor Tester ALL-TEST PRO 5™ ::: Motor Tester ALL-TEST PRO 5™ ::: Motor Tester ALL-TEST PRO 5™ ::: Motor Tester

ALL-TEST PRO 5™ ::: Motor Tester

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Finally! Predictive maintenance made VERY easy! Significantly increase your plant's profitability with The AT5 motor circuit analyzer, which offers a complete electric motor health analysis in minutes.

The ALL-TEST PRO 5™ tests all types of motors, including induction, synchronous, AC, DC, brushless DC, servo and wound rotors, as well as single phase motors. The health of all motor components is evaluated, including, but not limited to: induction windings and rotors; DC field windings and armatures; and field and rotor coils in synchronous motors. Single and 3-phase transformers, pole and pad mounted, are also ideal candidates for evaluation with the portable, lightweight AT5.

With a memory storage capacity for more than 650 tests, the ALL-TEST PRO 5™ has specific motor trending data accessible at the touch of a button. Test results are easily uploaded to your computer and our MCA BasicTM software provides expert diagnosis, trending, and a wide variety of printed or on-screen reports. Software is available for individual or group users.

• Complete stator & rotor analysis – detect faults in AC & DC motors, transformers and generators
• Auto diagnosis within instrument – immediate health status report
• Route-based testing and trending – ideal for predictive maintenance
• Tests can be performed from distances of more than 1,000 feet away
• Report shows bad connections, winding & turn faults, air gap, broken bar, contamination and ground faults

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In minutes, the AT5™ performs a comprehensive assessment of a motor’s health for troubleshooting, predictive maintenance and quality control of in-service, stored and incoming motors.

Ideal for low-, medium- and high-voltage AC motors and DC motors, as well as generators and transformers, the AT5™ performs de-energized static and dynamic testing to detect faults at their earliest stages and provide a complete stator and rotor analysis. Instructions for all tests are provided on the backlit screen, minimizing the learning curve and eliminating the need for an instruction guide or manual.

Detailed reporting, after accurate, comprehensive motor data is collected by the AT5™, uploaded and analyzed by the MCA software’s proprietary algorithms, provides a complete picture of the motor’s overall health, as well as problems such as bad connections, winding and turn faults, air gap, broken bar, contamination, ground faults and more.

Reference testing, a new patented feature of the ALL-TEST PRO 5™, allows the user to perform a baseline test that can be stored in the instrument and compared to future tests on the same motor. With a memory storage capacity for more than 650 tests, trending capability offers on-the-spot indication of possible issues with the motor. If a warning is triggered, further dynamic tests can be performed on the motor to pinpoint the source of the problem. All results can be uploaded to a PC for further analysis and report generation.

Route-based testing allows for reference testing and trending on all on-site motors. Once the motor list is compiled, the user simply follows the prompts from the instrument for each motor to be tested. Results can be uploaded and downloaded for trending, reporting and comparison with other historical data.

The AT5™ weighs only 1.5 lbs. and can be connected directly to the motor’s terminals. Or, if the installed motor is not easily accessible or hard-to-reach, initial tests can be performed at the motor control center from distances of more than 1000 feet away.

The ALL-TEST PRO 5™ comes with heavy-duty custom Kelvin Clips, integrated Li-ION rechargeable batteries, charging adapter, MCA BasicTM software, rugged carrying case and user manual on CD. Optional carrying pouch, MCA PROTM software, training motor and standard Kelvin Clips are available.

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