Our training division has specialist trainers and courses focused on the Telecommunication Industry and the associated test equipment supplied by Coral-I Solutions. Our growing customer base includes the Telecommunication Corporate Companies locally and internationally such as MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, BTS, Econet, SchlemburgerSema and AT&T.

Our trainers travel to the customer no matter where in the world in order save the customer travel costs.  We have provided training throughout South Africa and also throughout Africa. Some of the countries where Coral-I has presented training are Botswana, DRC, Lesotho, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia.

The content and duration of courses may be changed to suite the requirements of the client whilst training is charged on per/candidate basis or per day depending on the class size.

In addition, the course contents could be a combination of the modules, set up in conjunction with the Client.

Course Duration Code  
Digital Cellular Network Overview (non-technical) 1 Day DCN-B  
Introduction to Digital Cellular (technical) 2 Days DCN-A  
Transmission Principles Intermediate (PCM) 3 Days PCM-I  
Transmission Principles Advanced (PCM, PDH, SDH, ATM) 5 Days PCM-A  
Digital Core Network Switching Principles (CCS7) 4 Days DCNS  
Digital Access Protocols (ISDN,V52) 4 Days DAP  
Radio Access Protocols (A interface/ Abis, Mobis) 3 Days RAP  
TCP/IP 2 Days TCP  
Voice over IP 2 Days VIP  
Overview of GPRS 1 Day GPRS-B  
GPRS Advanced (including Edge) 3 Days GPRS-A  
UMTS Overview 3 Days UMTS-B  
Intelligent Networks 3 Days IN-A  
Tektronix K1205/K1297 Protocol Analyser 2 Days K12XX  
NetTest LITE 3000 Protocol Analyser 2 Days L3000  
Compass Radio Optimisation Tool 3 Days CROT  
Multi-channel Protocol Analyser 3 Days MPA  
Spectrum Analyzers 1 Day SPAN  
Signal Generators 1 Day SIGE  
Analogue and Digital Oscilloscopes 1 Day ADOS  
RF measuring devices 2 Days RFMD  
Communications Monitors 1 Day COMO  


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