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Valid For July 2019

While Stock Last

Vat excluded

  NEW Test Equipment
  RENTALS Test Equipment
Rigol Oscilloscope

 Rigol DS1052D
 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

 Rigol DS1052E
 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope

 Rigol DS2072A
 70MHz Digital Oscilloscope
    50MHz bandwidth
    2 channel
    1GSa/s real time sample rate

    50 MHz Bandwidths
    2 analog channels
    1GSa/s maximum real-time sample rate

    70MHz Bandwidth
    2 channels
    2GSa/s Max. Sample Rate
  Was: R10,900  --- Now Only R8,500   Was: R6,090  --- Now Only R5,300   Was: R15,390  --- Now Only R7,700

 Rigol DM3068
 Digital Multimeter

 Rigol DSA815
 Spectrum Analyzer

 Rigol DSA710
 100kHz - 1GHz Spectrum Analyzer
   6 1/2 Digital Multimeter(2,200,000 Count),
   0.0035% DC Voltage Accuracy, 10krdgs/s,
   USB, GPIB, RS232, LAN

    9 kHz to 1.5 GHz frequency range
    -80dBc/Hz Phase Noise
    100 Hz minimum resolution bandwidth

    Frequency range from 100kHz to 1GHz
    Phase noise <-80dBc/Hz @10kHz offset

  Was: R11,900  --- Now Only R8,000   Was: R23,000  --- Now Only R19,500   Was: R21,950  --- Now Only R17,000

 MCP S303E
 Variable DC Power supply (DEMO)

 MCP T303E
 Trainee DC Power Supply (DUAL)

 MCP M10-TSS3606
 Switching DC Power Supply
    Output Voltage: 0~30V
    Output Current: 0~3A

    Output Voltage: 0~30V
    Output Current: 0~3A

    Ch1 & CH 2 selectable output
    Ch3 0.1~5V adjustable output
    Max. 120V in series output

    Was: R1,800  --- Now Only R1,200     Was: R3,900  --- Now Only R2,500     Was: R5,600  --- Now Only R3,600

 Atten APS3005Dm+
 Single Channel DC Power Supply

 Atten AT8602B
Function Signal Generator

 Atten AT8502D
Hot Air Rework & Soldering Station
    Output Voltage: 0~30V
    Output Current: 0~3A
    Frequency range: 0.2Hz~2MHz
    Seven Ranges:
   a) 0.2Hz-2Hz     b) 2Hz-20Hz
   c) 20Hz-200Hz     d) 200Hz-2kHz
   e)2kHz-20kHz     f) 20kHz-200kHz
   g) 200kHz-2MHz
    Hot-air de-/Solder rework station
    Was: R2,500  --- Now Only R1,800     Was: R3,500  --- Now Only R2,700     Was: R5,290  --- Now Only R4,200
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